Sunday, 10 February 2013

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Well, it's looking like a pretty busy month ahead, I've been invited to events pretty much every weekend in March! Not that I'm complaining, though! I'm not really looking forward to winter, this year, having the bike parked up in the shed for months before I can play at the track again... So, I figure, may as well enjoy the sun while I can!

This weekend I'm off to the infamous "Battle of the Streets", Paeroa's annual motorbike raceday, which promises to be an amazing experience! I'm not racing, only marshalling, but it'll be my first time going to the event, and from what I've heard it's one not to miss. A bunch of my friends are going as well, to add to the fun! (I'm actually finishing this post from the hotel just down the road from where the racing is happening tomorrow, sorry about that! Lol)

Next weekend I'm attending and riding at an open track day, organised by the nice people at "Playday On Track". The event is called Big Bike Day Out, and it's the first in a new ten year venture between the organizers and the Hampton Downs racetrack folk. It's actually a whole weekend worth of bikes on track, but I only plan on going to the Sunday sessions. In any case, it should be huge fun all round, and I hope to see a bunch of friends there again! I'm looking forward to getting more seat time on my bike, more practice and experience with my cornering skills, as well as just the chance to go for a blat again!

On the 3rd of March I've booked my car into a show down the line at an event organised by the same people that did the drag day a few weeks ago, I've entered to run down the drag strip again, but in the car this time as they aren't holding an open group for track bikes. Otherwise I'd take the bike for sure! I'm not going to thrash the car though, being that it's my daily driver, I don't want to break anything, I'd just be keen to see what it can do in an open environment. But again, it's more for the enjoyment of attending, and catching up with friends, that drew my attention to wanting to go.

The weekend after that I'll be another year older, my birthday is on the 10th, and I'm thinking about having some friends over for a few (or more!)drinks. No bike or car events that weekend, but never the less, this year is turning into a bloody good one and so I wanna celebrate! So if you're not doing anything, feel free to come celebrate with me!

Then, on the 16th and 17th, Hampton Downs will come alive again to the sound of superbikes! I've put my name down to Marshall again on the Sunday, we'll see how things are going, but I might be convinced to do the Saturday as well (if my loving partner doesn't mind me disappearing for yet another full weekend, that is!) It was this event a year ago that I first started marshalling at the bike racing, and pretty much a year since I started writing this blog! Wow how the time has flown by, I can't believe how much things have changed in my life since then. Initially, I started writing this thinking it was going to be mostly about my escapades with riding, but plans have a tendency of changing without us even noticing sometimes, huh! Funny how that happens, and even funnier when we end up in a much better situation than we could have hoped for... I've been looking back on some of the stuff I've written, and remembering back to those days is pretty cool, knowing how it all turned out with only minimal input from myself! I do have a lot of people to thank, of course, and you all know who you are. So Thanks guys, you're the best bunch of mates a guy could ever ask for! :-)

Anyhow, I have been doing some internet-ing lately, and a friend forwarded a link to me about a guy in London that does a video log (vlog for those in the know!) about his musings while riding his bike. I thought I'd share it for my readers, I've watched a few of the videos on YouTube, and found them quite enjoyable! He has a pretty funny take on life in general, as well as some fairly interesting thoughts on the whole "being a biker" mindset. Feel free to have a look and decide for yourself!

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