Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Chapter 3, Page 25

So it's been a while, but I've decided to change things up a bit after a long think about things. I've been through some shit lately, mostly of my own doing, but I seem to have landed on my feet - well, kinda, with the support and help of a few really really good friends!

Last time I posted was the video's from the rider training day, which was a really cool day out, I wish I had been able to ride it, but finances are still short so that's bottom of the list of priorities at the moment... Instead, the weekend rides that I've been going on lately with a cool group of people will suffice for now. The bike needs some money spent on it pretty soon to keep it roadworthy in any case, new battery, new tires, etc etc...

So, onto the new pace of things. I found that I was focusing on the bad stuff too much and not spending enough time on the better things in life! There are some pretty cool things out there to enjoy, even on a minimal budget like that which I'm on currently... Take for example, just getting outside and exploring, finding new treasures pretty much on your doorstep that you hadn't taken the time to see previously... I went for a short ride the other day (it's my only transport so any excursion out of the house is a ride - how cool is that though!?!) to visit a friend that moved up the country a while before I did, first time I'd seen him in a few years which was pretty cool in itself! On the way home I decided to go a different route, up the coastline, finding cool spots that would be really cool to take 'someone special' to at some stage in the future... I also stopped at a spot that I used to visit on occasion years ago when I lived up these ways last, a small park with a view over the city, which brought back some memories... It's nice to remember back to times gone past once in a while...

Things do have a tendency to change over time, as we grow up (or just older) we see things in a different light, and the world changes around us - sometimes in ways we like, sometimes in ways we might not so - but we are bound by life to change with the world. I might not agree with the way the world is changing at the moment, but there's little in reality that I can do about that, on my own anyways. All we can aspire to do what we can for the short period of time we are capable of, to influence the people around us in a positive way, and treat the world in a way that our kids would be proud of. For me, I've decided to make more of an effort in this regard, after thinking about some things the other night...

The 10th of each month does have a somewhat sobering effect on me, for reasons I won't go into great detail of, but it is a number that has changed my life a few times. It's really easy to focus on the negative all the time, but the flip side of that coin is this: where things have been tough, they've also been great! How hard is it really to recognize the achievements of others around us and say a quick "Well done!".. .? I do tend to be the kind of guy that responds best to compliments and praise, so for me something like that means heaps. But what about your workmates? Your spouse? Or your kids? Or even yourself...? We are a social race, we (mostly) strive for the appreciation of our peers, yet we forget to give out kindness even when we seek it from others so much. The decision I made was to compliment those around me more, to focus on their achievements, and not to worry about their errors so much. I dare you to do the same with your friends and family! That, and smile more! :-)

So, my plan for the new month, being May and almost half way through the year already, is fairly simple...
1. Continue to be positive about finding a new job,
2. Get my bike back up to spec once my finances are back on track,
3. Spend more time with my friends and show my gratitude for them,
4. Listen to more music, because it always cheers me up!
5. Continue my writing, because it cheers me up too.

As well as that, I'm going to decide by the end of this month if I want to go back to school and back my writing up with a Journalism degree...

So, until next time...



  1. Did the job situation not work out mate?

    Nice blog, very thoughtful and true.

    1. Not yet, I've got an interview at a printing factory tomorrow... :-)

  2. Best wishes in pursuing journalism Scott! That was very nearly my career as a close relative was managing editor of a UK newspaper chain. No regrets about taking a different path though as the real secret is enjoying whatever you do. When you give 110%, it's amazing what doors open for you which are totally unexpected.



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