Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Page 32 and a half...!

Sorry about that, had to go pick Abbee up from her work. Things are going really well on that front too, by the way!

Now, where was I... Oh yeah, progress of the last couple of months... I've applied for a 3 year degree course at Uni, looking forward to hearing if I've gotten in! Abbee has been accepted to the vet nursing course she applied for, it'll do her good to follow her dreams... Everyone has been telling me for ages to get into something to do with "writing", so now I can finally say Thank You to everyone for pushing me to follow my dreams too! Bit nervous actually, it's been a long while since I've been in any classroom type situation, I hope my brain hasn't deteriorated too much over the last few years!

Other than that, I've successfully completed my very first Advanced Rider Training (or A.R.T. for short) day, and I have to say, I had the best time ever!!! Only had a couple of very small issues with the bike, nothing I couldn't fix between track sessions. The chain was fractionally tight, and the clutch was a bit tight too. Basically, at high revs, the motor was over riding the clutch, causing too much slip. Loosened it off at the adjuster on the lever, problem solved! And the chain, obviously, was easy enough to loosen slightly too, with the help of a friends rear stand. Went back out onto the track for the second session, and Bazinga! no more problem. :-) So yeah, very proud of my little 250, and the fact that she still hasn't let me down, even after more than 20 years of service! And to anyone interested in riding on the track, I say Do It!!! You won't regret it, that's for sure!

On the job front, I've started back with Traffic Management NZ again, working for my old boss that used to run the Hamilton office. Today was my first day back on the truck again, and I loved it! Being outside, working with a really cool bunch of people, makes the factory work I was doing seem like hell! The story with that was, the pay department wasn't going to pay out our holiday entitlement, so arguments ensued, then I got accused of "threatening behaviour", and dismissed for serious misconduct... Long story short, they didn't follow proper conduct in the way they fired me, so now I'm talking to a lawyer about it. Early days yet, but from what I've heard, I've got quite a strong case! So glad to be out of there in any case, it was doing my head in. I mean, the work was fine, and I enjoyed the technical side of the factory work, but certain individuals made it unbearable... Why is it that some people just feel they have to act all queenly, and make others feel like crap every day? I'm glad Abbee only has 4 and a half weeks left before her course starts! I feel guilty for leaving her to cope with the old hags on her own, but I'm sure she'll be fine, especially knowing that she's gonna be handing in her notice soon enough. I know she'll be happy once her course is underway! :-)

So, as I said, things are progressing very well so far for 2013, despite small tedious issues, the cloud is parting ways to show it's silver lining more and more every day...! Sorry again for the lack of posts, hopefully that will change for the better from now on, now that my head isn't stressed out with dramas. And I've discovered an 'app' for my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3, sooo much better than my old Sony Ericsson!) that plugs me straight into my blog too, even though I got a new laptop for Xmas I still haven't quite got it up to speed just yet. Blogspot, some free advertising for you here, good work on your app! Nice and easy to use, 5 stars from me. Thanks!

To everyone out there still reading my dribble, thanks for bearing with me and keeping me on the right path. Look forward to seeing you all out there on the road or at the track sometime soon!

Till then...!



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