Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Page 33 :-) Drags!!!

Hi again to my faithful readers, glad to see you're all still with me! Amazingly I see my view counter is picking up again, even after such a long time of no posts! Last weekend was a long weekend here, and I went to one of the countries biggest automotive shows for two days, the first being a show 'n shine day, followed by a day at the drag strip.

I decided last minute to take my bike to the drag strip after talking to the officials at the show, and I'm really glad I did! Late registration was at 6am, so we (my partner and I) had to get up at 4!

Arriving at the drag strip still in darkness, I got my registration forms filled out (thanks to Adele from the 4nR crew!) and got set up. Because my bike is now a dedicated 'track' bike, I was put into the exhibition class, with other race bikes and cars. My first pass was held up a little bit due to a technical fault - the starting lights were playing up - so I had to sit on the start line for about an hour waiting for the problem to be fixed. Once that was rectified, I ran a 14.39 second pass! Friends had told me before the event that I'd be doing well if I got into the 14's, so as you can imagine I was pretty stoked! All in all I didn't really stand much of a chance against much higher powered vehicles, but my best time of 14.263 wasn't too bad I thought! Remembering that my bike is 23 years old and only a 250cc! Anyways, after all the classes had finished, we were allowed to run a few grudge match passes. I was lucky enough to meet a few other bikers there, who gave me heaps of encouragement throughout the day, and I was even luckier to be allowed to have a few races against a Repsol CBR600RR in the grudge matches. Of course, I got my butt kicked, but I wasn't stressing nearly so much by then and managed to get my launch sorted a little bit better. All in all, I had a blast, definitely planning on going back again once I have a proper drag racing license, it's so much fun! Oh, and the bike ran pretty much faultlessly again, apart from one minor incident of a sticky throttle (easily fixed with some cable lube.)

Huge thanks again to all the 4nR crew for putting on an awesome event, and the fellow bikers that calmed my nervousness and shared their knowledge, as well as my lovely partner Abbee for putting up with me despite the sunburn!

Next event, Big Bike Day Out, on the 24th of February, can't wait!!!

Till then!


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