Tuesday, 3 April 2012

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First of all, I should apologise for letting days pass without posting any updates on here, I've been pretty busy and I'm also trying to get my body clock re-synced with the new Daylight Savings hours...

Things are slowly on track (ish) with the new beginnings up here in the big city, I have hit a little bit of a speed bump job wise, but hopefully it'll be sorted out before too long. I discovered the job that I have applied for is very strict with their employee's histories, and I mentioned that I haven't always been the perfect little citizen that I am today. So now, unfortunately, they're a little nervous to take me on board, even though I've explained the situation was completely innocent and it was only miscommunication between two 'managers' that led to my name being somewhat tarnished... That, and the fact that I took the blame for said situation so that my fellow employees (tourists on working visa's) didn't get deported because of the event that occurred. If anyone wants to know more information, feel free to ask, in a more private fashion - most of my readers have access to other of my accounts for this purpose. In any case, I'm hoping I can get it sorted via a simple email from my old boss, who agreed with me at the time that the actions of our employer was beyond reasonable. Hopefully...

Apart from that, I've been catching up with heaps of friends, I've been (unofficially) invited out to dinner this Sunday night with some of my very good friends (outside the biker world) that I haven't seen for a long while. That should be heaps of fun! Their kids have gotten so big! It's bewildering to think that I've only been away for a little over a year, but so much has changed, it's really cool to see. I went and saw my old boss and good friend at the pools where I used to work (just around the corner from where I'm staying, as luck would have it!) and he said things there have changed profusely since the new Supercity council took over, which is a bit of a shame, all the effort we put in back when I was working there... They've had to downsize the staff numbers almost half, as well as a whole heap of other budget cutting methods... It's a pity really, it was a really cool place to work when I was there!

I know I still feel like this city wants me to call it home, and I'm not prepared to give up, but finances are being drained exceedingly quickly, so I'm just hoping the job thing works out quickly otherwise I might be a little more stressed than usual... I do still have a couple of options to follow up on - one of which involves a lot of travelling for what is most likely only part time hours. Another is more of a last ditch resort, going back to what I was doing at the V8 track but obviously for a (different) contractor up here. I dunno that I'm too keen on that one, to be honest. After being burnt down in Hamilton, I've kinda got a bad mental image of that company... Also, it's a long way to travel for work each day...

We've got a long weekend coming up in a couple of days, and for once I have no plans! My bank account can't be stretched too much further, so I don't think I'll be going anywhere. In fact, it might be nice to just chill out at home... Is anyone else getting up to anything special? I've got a few movies that I think I'll be catching up on, as well as giving my bike a little bit of a service - the new chain could probably do with an adjustment now that it's getting pretty well bedded in... However it pans out, if anyone out there has plans that I could possibly join in on, send me a message or post a comment below!

So yeah, things keep progressing, slowly admittedly, but I'm doing my best to keep a positive attitude throughout. Like I usually say, you never know what might be just around the corner! Fingers crossed that my run of good luck hasn't completely dried up just yet...

Until next time... (hopefully not more than another day or so, unlike this post!)



  1. You have the right attitude towards life, I think you will be fine.

    IF the weather holds out might go for aa smallride at some stage.

    1. Thanks Raftnn, I went up and saw Mark and Anne the other night, they said they know you, and that we should be formally introduced some day! I'd love to get out for a ride this weekend, weather permitting, but finances say that it's not gonna happen...


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