Sunday, 8 April 2012

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Hi again guys, I'm back once more... Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately, there hasn't been that much going on here, all I've been doing for the last week now is looking for a job! I'm still hopeful that something will turn up really soon, I have this uncanny feeling that next week is going to be a really good one! So, fingers crossed for me, everyone, thanks!

I spent the night at a friends place last night, had a few drinks, took some time out from things here to relax, and it was SO worth it! Was really cool just blobbing on the couch watching TV all day today with my mates! I've just read online that we're going out for a ride tomorrow too, so that'll be nice - you all know how much I love going out for rides to clear my head! I'll be sure to post up after the ride, it'll do me some good to get back in a regular habit of posting again!

It's not until life throws you a curve-ball that you find out what you're made of, as I've discovered and re-discovered a few times over now. When things are going fine, and everything seems to be 'on track', we can cruise through life, content. But is that enough? Sometimes, when things get tough, we really do become who we are meant to be. We need to keep pushing ourselves, stretching our boundaries every day to develop as people. Well, maybe not 'every' day, but enough to not fall into the cruise mode. I want you guys to think about that, in all seriousness, is there anything in your life that you are 'cruising' in? Could you afford to do something a little differently? To push yourself outside your comfort zone? I know some of you already are - in fact one of my readers in particular especially is, all the way over in Canada! (Hehe, she'll be stoked she got another mention on here!) I actually like to get outside my comfort zone, to keep pushing myself to find new boundaries... sometimes in ways I never even thought of before that moment. You never know what tomorrow will bring, how the smallest thing you do can change your whole day up, and how the simplest thing to you could be the hugest thing to someone else. Yeah, I know, you've probably heard it all before, but I just felt like mentioning it again... There's a movie called "Pay It Forward" that really strikes home with that whole theory, puts it into practice in a visual way, and explores just what can be accomplished with minimal input. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it!

I've actually thought about this a fair bit lately, I think I may have even posted a little bit about this before... It's kind of a hobby of mine, part of my personality even. Everyone has their own view of their own 'situation', their way of life, paying their bills and keeping their families happy, but to me it extends more than that. My 'family' is so wide and extended, as you know, I have my real family, my Mum, my Dad, their families (as they're not together anymore and both have remarried), as well as my 'biker family, my close friends who aren't biker's but still remain close enough to be considered family, and then even the friends that I'm not hugely close with anymore, the people I grew up with, maybe lost contact with and have only recently gotten back in touch again... Everyone out there that I have met, influenced, helped, or just had random encounters with that had created lasting memories, to me the word 'family' includes so many different walks of life that it's hard to imagine! But the point I was trying to make is this: I would happily do pretty much anything to help out any of my extended 'family' members. When someone asks if I wouldn't mind helping them clear their garden, even though I might joke about my 'hourly rate', I'm more than happy to go round there in my spare time to do some hard work for their benefit! I don't expect anything in return, I don't expect them to treat me any differently just because I like to help, but I hope they do as I do, and "Pay It Forward"...

Well, anyways, enough dribbling on from me, I'm off to figure out how I can help someone else in this world from the small existence that I lead. I hope some of you will try to as well!

Until next time...


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