Monday, 9 April 2012

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Had a great day today! I went for a ride with a small group of other guys, much more capable and a lot faster than I am, but I still had a blast! They were all on bikes a lot bigger than my little old 250, and kinda left me in their dust, but I was more than happy just cruising along at my own speed. They were even nice enough to wait for me at specific points along the trip!

The road we took up was one that I've only been on once before, over 2 years ago, heading north, then we turned onto a road called "Woodcocks" that took us over a decent sized hill with lots of twisty turns on both sides. I got used to the uphill and downhill turns, some being pretty tight, with advisory speeds as low as 25 km/h, but I took my time and didn't have any scares. I know my bike is a lot more capable than I give it credit for, but I also know my back tire especially is getting a bit low, and will need replacing pretty soon. So I wasn't going to push too hard, even though it still probably would have taken a fair bit more than I gave it. The way I figure, I'd rather take it easy, particularly on unknown stretches of road, and reach the end-point, rather than go too hard and end up in a hospital bed!

Anyways, we reached our first stop, a cafe in Warkworth, about 60 km from our start point, and the guys asked how I felt about the ride. They gave me a few pointers on how I could improve my riding, which I thought was pretty cool. I'm not a complete 'noob', but I know I'm nowhere near as good as they are! So I'm grateful to them for giving me the advice, next time I go out I'll be using it for sure.

We continued on after a bite and a drink, taking the main road back to one of their houses, wanting to get back by lunchtime to meet a few others and watch the MotoGP that had been recorded from last night. I knew the road we took back, and found it very enjoyable, even though traffic held us up a fair bit on the way.

The MotoGP was cool, I back the Repsol bikes of course, and it was a fight all the way to the finish line! Yamaha ended up winning, with the two Repsol Honda's coming in second and third, which was awesome to see! It was great to see Repsol sponsored bikes winning Moto1 and Moto2 as well - that's just another reason I love my bike so much! I can't wait to have it finished, all powder coated up and looking mint with the new fairings on! One of my friends asked me today what I'd get next, as a step-up from my 250 - I already know it'll be a CBR600RR in the Repsol scheme as well. If I could afford the one I went and looked at down at the Honda shop a couple of weeks ago, I'd have it today! Luckily though, my bike does everything I need it to do already, so I'm happy with the "Baby-Blade".

All in all, it's been a really enjoyable long Easter weekend, being able to spend time with some good friends, taking the bike out for a ride, and just relaxing in general. It took my mind off everything else that hasn't really been going to plan. Now, I really do hope I'll hear back from one of the jobs I've applied for in the next week! That'd top things off nicely, to be able to get back to work. And to have an income, and some money in my bank account! I'm starting to feel a little bit useless, not being active with my days... I do like the feeling you get after a good hard days work, feeling like you've accomplished something with your efforts. It'd be nice to get that back again...

Did anyone read my last blog and maybe think about putting it into effect? I wonder, I haven't had any replies from it just yet... Maybe it hasn't happened because of the long holiday weekend, or maybe you all just think I'm a bit weird for going on about it...! I was thinking about it a little more today, and I realized something - it's not what you do for others that matters, it's just that you are there. There for them if they need you. Being a friend isn't always about the good times, sometimes it's about the bad times, the ones that show you who your good friends really are. Oh, and trust me, I do know who my good friends really are, they're reading this right now! Hehe...!

Well, if this weekend has taught me anything, it's that my good friends are out there, they care about how I am feeling, they would put their lives on hold for me, take me out and let me clear my head for a day or two, and listen to my harping on about how I wish things were going better. They are truly cool people. So I'll just take this opportunity to say to them "Thank you".

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