Thursday, 12 April 2012

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One of the guys that I went riding with last weekend asked me if I'd seen his website, specifically the 'Survival Skills' section, to which I said I hadn't, so when I got home I searched for it.

Now, having read through a good portion of it, and getting further into his 'book' by the day, I highly recommend it to any 'biker out there! (I've added the link to the bottom of my Blog site...)

First off, the author is a very knowledgable character, having been instructing motorcyclists for quite a while, both on the road and the track, for over 20 years. He's completed Police advanced rider training in two different countries, and has been riding for over 37 years, on four different continents.

And, in person, he's a really nice guy! Personally, I'd enjoy riding with him (or watching him disappear into the distance) anytime I get the opportunity. I hope you all out there have a good read of his writings - you never know, you might just learn something that'll change your whole riding philosophy!

On another note, I applied for a job two days ago off a job website, as a vehicle detailer/groomer for a fairly prestigious dealership in town, not really expecting much from it. When I say 'fairly prestigious', their least expensive vehicle would still be well over one hundred thousand dollars...! To my surprise, the service department manager called me up yesterday, asking if I could come in for an interview!

So, off I went, having tidied and dressed up for the part, and as soon as I pulled into their yard I'm awestruck with the number of top-shelf cars all around me! The interview itself took about 20 minutes, of which we chatted about all sorts of stuff, and I met the Sales Department Manager as well. Basically, the business normally has two Detailers, one for sales and one for service. But currently they only have one guy doing all the work on his own, and they really need to fill the second spot as soon as possible! I'm quietly optimistic, I think the interview went really well, and I'm really hoping to get a phone call back before the weekend to say I've got the job! Honestly, I'd be in heaven if I got it!

Apart from that, I discovered last night that I'm in need of another place to stay fairly soon now, my friend's landlady mentioned to him last night that she thought I wouldn't be here for as long as I have been... And I don't want to make things awkward between him and her in that way. They've been really cool about me staying here while I look for suitable work, and of course I had hoped to be back at work already, but now it's feeling a bit stressed here... I'm not quite sure what's going to happen in the next few days, but I do hope that the Detailing job calls me back really soon so I can get a little bit of 'normality' back in my life!

All in all, I feel like I'm on a bit of a precipice here, waiting for a phone call, still keeping my eyes out for other jobs just in case the one I want doesn't come through, wondering where I'm gonna be putting my head down at night next week... It's not exactly a nice feeling, but I've just been reminded by a text message from a good friend that I was the one that said "it's the hard times that show us what we're really made of"...

So, until next time, hopefully with some good news...


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  1. Ahh Greg's site, yea it is a goldmine of information! Have read 98% of his site and now waiting for his racecraft articles to start.

    There is always a mattress at my house mate, any time you need.


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