Wednesday, 18 April 2012

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Patience is a funny thing... Like my current situation, waiting for the call to say I've got the job... Waiting makes the day seem so much longer! Trying to fill the hours in the day isn't exactly hard, I've been doing okay in keeping myself busy, but I just wish the phone would ring! I do hope it comes in the next couple of days, it'd be nice to know that I've either got the job or not...!

On other matters, how's everyone else out there doing? I've been so thankful to my good friends here for taking me in and looking after me in this 'not-so-nice' time in my life, I thought I should put my issues aside and use my spare time proactively! Being the kind of guy that I am, if anyone out there (in my region, obviously) has any jobs on hand that I might be able to help out with, please feel free to let me know! I'm fairly handy, around the house and stuff, but my specialty is of course mechanical stuff... So, this is me officially putting myself out there as a 'hired hand' as such... I'm sure someone will put me to work! :-)

I know my posts have been short and sparse as of lately, which stems from the lack of things going on here for me lately, and I do hope to be able to turn that around soon enough...! I don't want to be posting up stuff that won't be of any interest to anyone reading, but I do still want to keep this blog going. I thought I'd ask if anyone out there in the Interweb has anything they'd like my perspective on, kind of like a 'Letters to the Editor' type of arrangement... I know there's a few of you out there, my counter says I've accumulated almost 700 'reads' in under 2 months! So start commenting, and give me something to discuss here while things are stalling in my world!

I must admit a little bit of selfishness with this blog, not so much 'ulterior motives' per say, but there's been a thought playing in the back of my mind as of late... I've always wondered about furthering my studies, along the lines of a Journalism qualification. I have been using my blog as a kind of 'practice', figuring out how to put my thoughts into words that actually make some sense to anyone out there. I've always thought that it would be pretty cool to write reviews and articles for a magazine such as 'Top Gear' or 'Autocar' or even a Motorcycle magazine (once I build up my riding skills of course). Everyone that I've talked to that has been following this blog has said I'm a very good writer, and that I should do something along the lines of writing in my career... Personally, I know it'd be a pretty huge decision to go 'back to school' again, however I am looking into extramural courses, so I can study and work at the same time...

Gees I just wish the phone would ring already! Lol!

Until next time...



  1. As the saying goes mae...Find a job you love, and you will never work again.

  2. With time on your side, maybe you could get in touch with the auto and bike mags that have offices in Auckland and ask if you can come and see what it's like, what doing the job looks like, how the people working there got into it, etc.. they might have some good tips for you, maybe even a job! ;-)


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