Sunday, 25 March 2012

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Well, today was another one for the books! I spent the whole day up at the racetrack again, and it's a given that I'm hooked on it...!

Today was a 'playday' for cars and bikes, a nice relaxed day where drivers and riders got to experience one of NZ's leading tracks, in a social environment. Everything from top of the line Ferrari's and Porsche's to old school Datsun's and more than a couple Japanese makes made up the array of cars, with a pretty strong field of three separate classes giving the spectators much to enjoy. And more along the lines of what I went to see, the bikes, had fully fledged racers and lesser tuned street bikes out singing their harmonic tune. A good friend of mine told me about the event a few days ago, and I'm glad I went! The weather wasn't looking too promising on the trip up, but by lunchtime it had cleared and the sun was shining nicely.

The cars had their turn pretty quickly, then the bikes went out for their run. Management was being extra nice, allowing the riders to stay out for half an hour instead of the 15 minutes that was originally planned. After a couple of warm up laps, some of the bikes were flying past the pits down the straight at incredible speeds, and later on in the day I was asked to hold a speed gun to see how much pace they actually were getting down the straight. The fastest I saw (later in the day) was 229 kmh, by a cool green Kawasaki. Amazing! With only a couple of minor incidents (from the bikers), the day went exceptionally well, and time seemed to fly past.

Before long it was getting late in the day, and my friend and I decided to pack up and head home, having had a very good day. I've had my urge to get out on the track invigorated even more, if that's possible to believe!

I took a whole bunch of photo's with my phone, so take a look at what I got to feast my eyes on throughout the day...


  1. Lol I just realized, there are too many car pics on this post! Okay, I admit it, I'm a bit of a car fan too, and the bikes were way more interesting when they were being fanged around the track... The cars looked better posing in the pits. 'Nuff said...? :-)

  2. Man some stunning cars there...the Ferrari third one down my favourite by far.

  3. That was a seriously good day, can't wait for the next one to be honest!

    But will be making sure I get me some insurance, to much head messing not having it :)


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