Wednesday, 14 March 2012

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Hey guys, it's 11pm now and I've just finished a nice short shift... The reason for that is that I've gotta go back to work at 5am, to do a job for a retailer at a local shopping mall. Fun fun. Well, that's how it goes, things change on an almost minute by minute basis!

Tonight was good though, we got a fair bit done in 4 hours, the mammoth task that is the V8's is slowly getting done. I'll be glad when the race is all over and done with to be honest, it's getting to be a bit of a drag already. Not that I don't enjoy it anymore, just having to work out all the logistics of the event planning is doing my head in. Every day it seems like something isn't right, or the plans need changing, altering, or completely re-writing. I'm supposed to be able to just look at it and go put the fence up, but nine times out of ten it doesn't work out properly the way the plans are drawn up, so I have to figure out the correct way of doing it, all the while keeping the event supervisor happy, using as little amount of fence as possible, but still keeping it relatively easy for myself and my team. Such is life I guess. What surprises me most is the fact that this is the fifth (I think) year that the V8's have been here, and they still can't get it right. No wonder why it's not coming back next year! Of that fact I'm kinda happy...

Apart from that, things are going well in my life right now, the home situation is good, my personal life is ticking along nicely, I'm keeping in touch with my friends all over the country a lot more than I have done in the past... All in all I think things are pretty good. I'm happy, which is nice for a change! I know that seems trivial, but for me it's kinda a big thing. For example, sometimes things happen that completely upset the balance in life, and it feels like everything is stacked up against you... Well, for me, I think my 'balance' is pretty well concreted in place now, it feels like there isn't anything that could happen that would upset it. I'm finding putting my thoughts down in writing good, it has this nice way of keeping my head fairly clear, or at least somewhat organised!

I have found a new 'goal' to work towards, although it might take some time getting there, but a friend of mine has inspired me towards it. I'll put up more about this as it gets a little closer, but for now I'm keeping it relatively hush hush, but will leave you with this to ponder... It involves a very long distance bike ride, spanning a few thousand miles, over a period of at least a month... Let's see if you can hazard a guess from that! Feel free to take a stab in the comments section below!

Well, being that I have an early start tomorrow morning, I'll sign off here I think... I do hope everyone out there is doing well, keeping safe, and having fun reading this!

Until next time!



  1. Cape Reinga to Bluff!...Best I could come up with sorry.

  2. Your on the right track, kinda, just a different country! :-)


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