Saturday, 31 March 2012

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Things have been pretty hectic here the last couple of days, so this'll only be a short one tonight I think. Don't worry though, I've still got lots to say (Oh dear God, I hear you thinking!) but I'm shattered and it's already almost 11pm, added to the fact I've set my alarm for 5am tomorrow morning... Oh wait, that's right, daylight savings kicks in again tonight, doesn't it... Okay, so technically I don't have to get up till 6am, which will be the new 5am, won't it? Oh bugger, now I'm getting confused...

Anyways, I've spent the last couple of days finalizing things here in the mighty 'Tron, cleaned up the mess that was my workshop area in the garage, boxed up all my spare bit's and pieces for the bike that were stashed pretty much everywhere I could find a spot, and made a decent 'start' on packing up my room... Wow but I've collected a lot of crap just since I've been in this house!

I must say, I've really enjoyed living in this place, it's definitely been the most homely of anywhere I've lived so far in my 31 odd years! My flatmates have been completely awesome, and I'm gonna miss them and this place like crazy once the move is completed. It's kinda funny really, I haven't even been here a year, yet I feel so attached to this place it's hard to imagine life anywhere else. Still, onwards and upwards, quite literally in fact - I'll be on the road in about 8 hours to my next adventure up north in Auckland!

To take a few minutes and reflect on the last year, since I've been back in Hamilton, it's been a bit of a roller-coaster ride if I dare say so! It's definitely had it's ups and downs, loop de loops, corkscrews, and of course lots of fun in between! Lots of memories, lots of things I'd rather forget completely, but that's just how life goes isn't it. The best parts of my year have absolutely outweighed the worst, and of course the majority of those best parts has been when I've been with my 'adopted family', out touring this beautiful country of ours on the bikes! The cool thing is, there'll be plenty more trips, events, and excursions to be had in the future, especially with my being only a stone's throw away from the rest of our 'group' as of tomorrow...!

So, to some it all up, my emotions are a bit of a mix right now: lets say about 80% buzzing out, 10% nervous about the new job, and 10% sad to be saying goodbye to my house here... Tomorrow it'll probably be a different story, but for now I better get some sleep!

(I can't believe tomorrow has come around so quickly!!!)

Until next time...!


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