Wednesday, 14 March 2012

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I've often wondered why I enjoy being a biker so much... The funny thing is, it's only partly due to the fact that I love being out on the road on two wheels, the feeling of freedom that comes with that... I actually think the main reason I enjoy being a biker is the sense of 'family' that you get when you see other bikers out there doing just the same thing you are, enjoying the road, getting away from the stresses of life, finding that little bit of freedom. I think that's why a lot of bikers wave out to each other on the road. The best feeling is when you're riding in a big group of bikers, and another big group passes you on the other side of the road, and everyone waves out together! The concept is so simple, but I think every biker 'gets' it. It's the sense of community, even though you may not know each other, or never even see each other again on the road, or even if it's your mate from just down the street - a happy little wave says "Hey, good to see you out here!" from one free spirit to another.

I absolutely love group riding. It's a completely cool buzz, to be surrounded by friends on bikes cruising down the road, being part of something that a lot of people will never know, going through towns where all the locals look at you like some kind of outlaw... The visual representation of a whole bunch of bikes rolling in unison down a main street is just too cool! The sound of so many exhaust pipes all in symphony, whether they be big and lumpy or small and sharp in pitch, it's music to my ears. It's like an orchestra, but more natural, and it's different every time you go out in a group. The dynamics of a group ride are really cool too, seeing old friends, looking over everyone's bikes, having a laugh at a refuel stop, telling stories over a beer at the end of a day's riding. I literally can't get enough of group riding! The group I ride with are an amazing bunch of people, from all different walks of life, but all united by the passion of motorcycles. There's no rivalry, no 'my bike is cooler than yours', it's just so many individual characters and characteristics that it gels into 'one' so effortlessly. The people that put in all the effort to organise the trips we go on deserve so much credit, I know every other member of our group will back me up in saying thank you again! I mean, I'm in awe of every spot we've visited so far, the views and the locations that I would never have been to or seen if it hadn't been for these rides, it just blows the mind. Waking up as close as you can physically get to one of the most spectacular ocean views just makes you so thankful to be alive! Riding down a barely used stretch of road, with beautiful rolling hills on your left and right, it's no wonder the rest of the world considers New Zealand a paradise! Yet so many Kiwi's will never see even half of the beauty this country has to offer, it's almost a shame. Which is just another reason I am so glad to be a biker, so have witnessed first hand so far a handful of the picturesque vistas on offer, all you have to do is get out there and find them!

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